JPMorgan Chase begins nationwide roll-out of mobile-only bank

JPMorgan Chase begins nationwide roll-out of mobile-only bank

JPMorgan Chase is taking its mobile-only banking offshoot Finn nationwide following its debut in St. Louis in October.

The bank designed mobile-only Finn by working closely with millennials for more than a year to understand their unique money challenges and what influences their spending. Research found that emotions played a large part in their decisions, but they didn’t have a way to understand the impact it had on their financial lives.

Finn comes complete with a set of smart budgeting tools, autosaving features and the ability to use emojis to rate transactions and purchases bought using the app.

The new app is supported by Chase’s digital account opening platform, which allows consumers to sign up directly from their phone and start banking in minutes.

“Finn continues to evolve based on the meaningful feedback that we get from our customers,” says Melissa Feldsher, head of Finn by Chase. “We look forward to adding new features and experiences that our customers ask for as we continue to learn from them.”

The bank is putting its considerable financial muscle behind the nationwide launch, offering $100 to people who open accounts and complete 10 transactions of certain types, such as sending money to another person or paying a bill.

Initially available on iOS devices, the bank says Finn will arrive on the Android operating system by the end of the year.

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