Former JPMorgan blockchain leads unveil new startup

Former JPMorgan blockchain leads unveil new startup

Former JPMorgan blockchain leads Amber Baldet and Patrick Nielsen have launched a new blockchain company, Clovyr, with the aim of creating a hybrid environment for sharing and playing around with enterprise-grade application development tools and datasets

Billing itself as more than just a development framework, Clovyr intends to create an ecosystem of decentralised applications and services for firms to experiment, iterate, and grow products to production at speed.

Baldet's plans have been the subject of speculation since she quit her role as head of JPMorgan's Blockchain Centre of Excellence in April. Her partner in Clovyr, Nielsen, led development for the bank's open source blockchain projects including Quorum and Constellation, and sat on the firmwide Cryptography Review Board.

Clovyr is creating a blockchain 'Greenhouse' that will house tools designed to make it easier to collect, store, and disclose data to the wider community. Users will be able to compare developer apps based on their privacy model, published security audit results, core team size and business model. It will also be possible to explore and import libraries of elements sourced from community repositories as well as audited contracts built by Clovyr.

The nascent startup is planning to go live with a public beta some time later this year.

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