Boerse Stuttgart to bring crypto-trading to the masses

Boerse Stuttgart to bring crypto-trading to the masses

Sowa Labs, a subsidiary of German retail investment exchange Boerse Stuttgart, has developed a prototype app that promises uncomplicated and secure trading in cryptocurrencies.

The new app - dubbed Bison - is expected to be released to the mass market in Autumn, offering the public fee-free access to investment in cryptocurrencies.

Dr Ulli Spankowski, managing director at Sowa Labs, boasts: "It is the first crypto app in the world to have a traditional stock exchange behind it."

The app has been designed to break down the barriers to cryptocurrency trading that have deterred many potential investors, combining fast set up and ID checks with an AI-based news filter to provide a real-time view of market activity and news.

Sowa Labs was acquired by the German bourse in December, two months after setting up a new digital division - dubbed Boerse Stuttgart Digital Ventures - to invest in and partner with promising startups.

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