Canada commemorates UFO encounter with glow-in-the-dark coin

Canada commemorates UFO encounter with glow-in-the-dark coin

The Royal Canadian Mint has unveiled an out-of-this-world glow-in-the-dark, ovoid-shaped coin to commemorate one of the country's most notorious UFO encounters.

According to Stefan Michalak’s account, as he was hunting for precious metals near Falcon Lake, Manitoba on May 20, 1967, two glowing red objects descended from the sky.

One landed close enough for him to approach, but when the craft suddenly took flight, its emission set Michalak’s clothes ablaze, leaving him with mysterious burns.

The Mint has chosen to celebrate the famous tale with a $20 coin that shows Michalak lying on his back by the lake, his hand outstretched towards the UFO. In the dark, the ship and its emissions glow. The reverse side has an image of the Queen.

The tall tale appears to have lost none of its potency, with the Mint's website showing that all of the 4000 coins produced have already sold at a price of $129.95.

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