Halifax guarantees to ease internet banking fears

Halifax guarantees to ease internet banking fears

In a bid to ease consumer fears about online security, UK bank Halifax is offering its customers free anti-virus software and guaranteed reimbursement of losses due to fraud.

The anti-virus package (Trend Micro's PC-cillin 2000), available to Halifax customers towards the end of September, normally retails at over £20, and will be provided by Trend Micro. Customer can choose to either download or install the software via CD-ROM.

In a separate initiative the Halifax is also introducing its own 'Online Guarantee' in order to reassure those customers who may be wary of transacting their finances over the Internet. The guarantee, which will be displayed on all the Halifax Online and Intelligent Finance websites states that:

'If an Online customer is a victim of fraud the Halifax will guarantee that they won't lose any money on their Halifax account and that they will always be reimbursed in full.'

David Walkden, General Manager, Halifax Online, says the initiative is designed to give customers "peace of mind" when transacting online.

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