Deutsche Bank open sources more code

Deutsche Bank open sources more code

Deutsche Bank has taken a second step in its open source odyssey, making software code publicly available designed to help firms better understand their IT environments.

Known as 'Waltz', and now available via GitHub, the code helps firms gather information about their IT estate from multiple sources across the organisation, covering things such as applications, infrastructure, data, processes and costs.

The system then pulls all of the information together and displays it in a "powerful, easy to use interface", helping users to make smarter, faster and better decisions on technology investments and optimise their IT architecture.

Waltz is the second major batch of code Deutsche Bank has made public as part of its new commitment to open source. Late last year, over 150,000 lines of code - known as 'Plexus Interop' - from its electronic trading platform Autobahn was put into the public domain.

Explaining the shift in direction, the German giant says that it wants to modernise, simplify and standardise its technology. Because the code is publicly available, programmers can suggest improvements, develop new features and find new uses for the software. This is fed back into the open source community making the application even more useful for everyone.

Russell Green, head, group architecture, Deutsche Bank, says: "We look forward to working with the open source community to share ideas, drive consistency across the industry and continually improve the software."

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