Psion to roll out home banking and share dealing service

Psion to roll out home banking and share dealing service

Psion and Swiss IT company XCOM are to provide home banking and dealing in stocks to Psion users in Germany and Switzerland by the end of this year.

The phased launch begins next month with the release of 'eFIX mobile' a secure online home-banking system which works on both the Psion Revo and Psion Series 5mx. The software complies with the requirements of the Home-banking Computer Interface Standard (HBCI) authorised by the German Central Credit Committee and compulsory for all German credit transactions.

Transactions available over the eFIX platform include making payments, obtaining account statements and obtaining share prices.

"The incorporation of stock transactions will occur later this year," says Stefan Tarach, XCOM board spokesman.

The eFIX mobile home-banking solution will be available to Psion users for downloading from the XCOM web site from September at a price of DM99. In the Autumn, a bundle of Psion series 5mx and 'eFIX mobile' will be available at a price of DM1,599.

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