Credit Suisse promises 15-minute online sign-up for new clients

Credit Suisse promises 15-minute online sign-up for new clients

Credit Suisse is offering a four-step digital onboarding service for new clients, promising a paperless, 15-minute sign-up process.

Prospective clients can open a new account on the go via mobile or from a desktop computer. An initial Q&A to identify the banking package required and origin of the assets being deposited is followed by a paper ID scan and a video call to verify the consumer's identity, finishing with an electronic sign-up for the new account.

Credit Suisse has partnered with Swisscom to identify the ID holder and check their bona fides during the video call. This is done using a software programme that recognises the ID's security features as well as the hologram, 3D image or watermark. Once identification has been successfully completed, Swisscom sends the data to Credit Suisse via an encrypted, secure connection. The bank then reviews the legal and regulatory requirements. The account can be used as soon as the checks have been completed, and clients receive their Maestro card and credit cards by mail.

"Our goal was to provide a digital onboarding process that takes place online from start to finish and is concluded with a digital signature," says Anke Bridge, head of digital solutions & delivery. "From talking to clients, we knew that immediate availability of the account and IBAN, Maestro, and credit cards as well as savings accounts was essential for a new banking relationship to get off to a user-friendly start. Another wish that was frequently expressed was the option of interrupting the onboarding process if necessary. We have been able to implement all the criteria for such an essential starter package."

The service is initially aimed at private individuals domiciled in Switzerland, and is available in German, English, French, and Italian. At a later date, the programme will be rolled out to prospects outside Switzerland as well as to corporate clients, says Bridge.

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