Reuters makes statement on status of US operations

Reuters makes statement on status of US operations

Reuters has made a statement concerning the safety of its personnel working in and around the World Trade Centre, and covering operational issues regarding service continuity.

Reuters statement issued 19.30 GMT follows:

The Group's first concern has been the safety of its staff and their families. Some three hundred employees were either working in or visiting the World Trade Center yesterday, and Reuters is working diligently to locate the small number that remain unaccounted for.

The company also is working to ensure business continuity and provide assistance to its clients and to the broader global financial community. Reuters operated a data distribution facility in the World Trade Center which supported some 3,000 of its 558,000 global accesses. Customers whose services have been affected are being migrated to other Reuters data distribution facilities.

Reuters plays an important role in global financial markets. Accordingly, during this period Reuters will make available without charge a cross-market package of real-time news and financial information via its web site, A password will be provided to any institution that contacts Reuters at 800 435 0101.

In addition, Reuters is making available a variety of short-term support services such as space, phone lines and communications to clients and partners who had business operations in affected areas. Reuters has several facilities in and around the New York area and is accommodating these requests wherever possible.

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