Bisys and GiS combine for online insurance investigation

Bisys and GiS combine for online insurance investigation

Bisys, a New York-based provider of business process outsourcing solutions for the financial services industry, has entered a partnership with South Carolina-based General Information Services, (GiS) to offer online background checks in insurance applications.

Bisys’ Internet-based solution automates the time- and labour-intensive administrative tasks required to process state-specific insurance appointments, terminations, and Letter of Certification requests. The system will now be enhanced with the ability to perform the background checks required by the Violent Crime Control Act of 1994 and numerous states electronically.

Prior to the integration of the capabilities of Bisys and GiS, insurers had to manually request background investigations and review the results before processing appointment forms.

GiS can customise background investigations to meet insurers’ unique specifications. Bisys’ service automatically releases the appointment transactions for individuals who pass the background investigation, and flags those failing the investigation for further review.

Barbara Hales, executive vice president of Bisys’ Licensing Solutions, comments: "Our fundamental goal is to provide the highest possible level of automation for the insurance licensing process, which ultimately improves the efficiency of our clients and the value of our solutions. Our alliance with GiS is another step toward total licensing automation."

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