TS-Associates offers hands-on IP Multicast training

TS-Associates offers hands-on IP Multicast training

London-based Trading Systems Associates has developed a new training course to provide a hands-on guide to IP Multicast technology.

The training programme, the first session of which will be run in October, is designed specifically to focus on IP Multicast technology as a key component of networks deployed by financial markets participants.

Over the three-day theory and practical course, network architects and engineers will gain real world experience of the deployment of IP Multicast networks says Matt Campbell, director of high performance network infrastructure at TS-Associates.

"The deployment of IP Multicast should not be undertaken lightly," he says. "As well as the strategic issues of emerging standards, technical matters, such as network design and multicast routing protocols, need to be understood."

The course covers an explanation of the concepts of IP Multicast and reliable IP Multicast; the evolution and current status of multicast routing; an examination of contemporary reliable IP Multicast technologies; an update on open standards for reliable IP Multicast. Hands-on practical sessions cover the configuration and operation of IGMP, PIM-DM/SM, Auto-RP, BSR, CGMP, DVMRP and MSDP.

"The scope of the course goes well beyond the material covered by standard certification programmes such as JNCIE or CCIE," adds Campbell.

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