CSFBdirect ad campaign to play up full service qualities

CSFBdirect ad campaign to play up full service qualities

CSFBdirect, the online brokerage arm of Credit Suisse First Boston, is to launch a US advertising campaign aimed at dispelling negative investor associations between poor-performing tech stocks and online brokers.

Debra Isenberg, chief marketing officer for CSFBdirect, explains: "The past perception that online trading automatically meant speculative stocks contrasts sharply with today's desire to invest more thoughtfully and achieve growth with less risk. In this campaign, we show investors that they have more access, more information, and greater opportunities with CSFBdirect to make informed financial decisions."

The campaign, which begins in September, features TV, print, radio, and a tie-in to online. Three TV spots are slated to begin airing during the US Open tennis match and roll out on national and spot broadcast and cable TV. Two print ads will break in Barron's. Radio spots tagged for live announcer reads and pre-recorded spots will be aired in the New York market on Imus in the morning.

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