SocGen opens tech hub for digital drive

SocGen opens tech hub for digital drive

Societe Generale has unveiled a massive technology hub, christened 'The Dunes', that it says symbolises the bank's digital transformation.

The 126,000 square meter complex in Val-de-Fontenay will house 5000 staffers focussed on building digital tools and services.

The low-rise building has been designed as a cross-functional technology hub, a place to "develop synergies and generate innovation between the Data, IT security and IT systems architecture teams and the departments that work closely with these tech teams," says a statement.

Taking its cue from Silicon Valley, the French bank says the building is "fully connected" so that employees do not have to stay in the same place; they can choose where to work depending on their needs, in one of the different areas of the building - or at home.

The site has cafes, health and fitness facilities, a technical assistance stand and a bank branch, as well as a games room and places for listening to music.

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