Britannic Assurance signs with MarkIT for customer marketing

Britannic Assurance signs with MarkIT for customer marketing

Britannic Assurance has purchased UK-based MarkIT's campaign management system, MarkIT Manager, and its integrated data analysis tool, in a deal worth £200,000. The agreement also incorporates MarkIT's consultancy services.

In 1998 the marketing services firm was chosen to build a centralised marketing database and establish detailed customer profiles to help Britannic Assurance deliver a more personalised service to its customers. This latest project will see Britannic Assurance utilising MarkIT Manager to meet its two current marketing requirements; lead generation and quarterly campaigns.

"MarkIT's comprehensive analysis on our customer data enables us to profile our highest value customers and provide leads to our direct sales staff on those that are likely to purchase other products from us," says Simon Wigley, market research and database manager at Britannic Assurance.

"By taking a more personalised and targeted approach to our direct marketing we hope to increase our cross-sell ratio significantly, and expect to see a rapid return on our investment in MarkIT's technology," he adds.

Using MarkIT's software, marketing staff can easily access the marketing database and run campaigns and analysis from within one system. The company had previously had to access its database separately, perform analysis and then transfer the results back into our marketing system.

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