NEC trials facial recognition technology at the POS

NEC trials facial recognition technology at the POS

NEC has embarked on trials of 'cashless payment services' using facial recognition technology to verify consumer identities at small shops located inside its head office building in Tokyo.

The two month trial applies NEC's NeoFace facial recognition algorithm to match employees' pre-registered mug shots against the images taken by a camera installed aside vendor point-of-sale (POS) terminals.

NEC says it will use the trials to fine-tune the application of the technology at shop counters, trying out different cameras, installation positions and lighting conditions.

Fumiaki Matsubara, SVP, NEC says: "This trial will enable us to improve technological performance and to accumulate knowledge towards the commercialisation of facial authentication-based payment services, thereby helping NEC to enhance fintech services and ensure greater safety and security."

In April 2016, NEC launched a large-scale trial of its "Walkthrough Facial Recognition System" at its head office. This more advanced biometrics system is capable of recognising people in motion using facial recognition technology without the need for the subjects to stop in front of the camera.

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