More banks come forward as Bangladesh hack investigation expands

More banks come forward as Bangladesh hack investigation expands

The fallout from the $81 million Bangladesh Bank hack continues, with up to a dozen banks getting in touch with investigators to flag similar possible network breaches, according to Bloomberg.

FireEye, the security firm called in by Bangladesh's central bank in the wake of the hack, has been contacted by the banks over signs that they have experienced similar issues, although there is no indication that any money has been stolen, says Bloomberg, citing a source.

The banks are mostly in Southeast Asia, including the Philippines. None are in Western Europe or the US.

Since news of the Bangladesh Bank attack emerged, details of two more hacks connected to the Swift messaging network - involving Ecuador's Banco del Austro and Vietnam's Tien Phong Bank -have come to light.

Earlier this week Swift chief Gottfried Leibbrandt warned that the Bangladesh fraud is not an isolated incident, revealing: "We are aware of at least two, but possibly more, other cases where fraudsters used the same modus operandi, albeit without the spectacular amounts."

Responding to the latest Bloomberg report, a Swift spokesperson tells Finextra: "As we have stated before, we are looking into a number of other potential instances of fraud at banks."

"The emergence of new possible instances of compromise is not entirely surprising given that banks should now be undertaking rigorous reviews of their environments. Many may turn out to be false positives, and or have nothing to do with Swift messages, but it is key that these reviews take place and banks’ environments are secured."

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