Robots on the high street: MoneyFarm opens pop-up shop

Robots on the high street: MoneyFarm opens pop-up shop

Digital investment advisory firm MoneyFarm is looking to bridge the gap between the impersonal world of the robo-advisor and the confidence-building connection achieved via a human intermediary by opening its first pop-up shop in Milan.

The boutique storefront, which will run initially from 20 May to 8 July 2016, will offer passersby a range of hands-on installations aimed at educating consumers about MoneyFarm's investment strategy . People will be able to view a demonstration of the firm's investment app, build an investment profile and have one-on-one consultations with a financial advisor.

“Customer interaction is critical for fintechs who want to succeed in winning people’s trust with products that are disrupting the personal finance sector that are smarter, more cost effective than their traditional banking rivals,” says Paolo Galvani, co-founder & chairman of MoneyFarm. “Our investment boutique is a direct point of physical contact that customers can have with our team of experts and a perfect complement to our digital investment services.”

The pop-up will also host a programme of free events with a series of talks and hands-on workshops, including networking evenings with wine tasting, breakfasts with reviews of the latest financial news and free coding classes for kids.

“We are convinced that the right mix of customer contact points both on and offline are the key to building trust and raising awareness of smarter ways to invest," says Galvani. "There is huge strength in human interaction and coupled with an educational experience for all age groups our strategy is packing a powerful punch in the city.”

Following its inaugural launch in Milan, the concept store will move to London in a bid to make consumers more aware of the investment options available via the firm's recently-launched wealth management app.

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