'Good luck with that': Obama mocks Trump's plan to stop remittances to Mexico

'Good luck with that': Obama mocks Trump's plan to stop remittances to Mexico

US President Barack Obama has dismissed Donald Trump's threat to stop Mexican immigrants from sending remittances back home as a way of forcing Mexico to pay for a border wall.

Republican presidential contender Trump has made the building of a 1000 mile border fence between the US and Mexico one of the central planks of his campaign, repeatedly claiming that he will force Mexico to pay for it.

In a memo to the Washington Post he has now expanded on how he plans to do this, revealing that he could threaten to change a USA Patriot Act anti-terrorism law rule so that remittances would be cut off.

If Mexico agrees to a "one-time payment of $5-10 billion" to pay for the border wall, the threat would be withdrawn, says the memo.

With Mexicans living abroad (not all in the US) sending $25 billion home in 2015, Trump says that "it’s an easy decision for Mexico," to pay up for the wall.

According to the Post, there are questions about the legal and political feasibility of the plan and the man Trump wants to replace in the White House, President Obama, has raised questions about the practicalities.

Speaking to reporters, he said: "The notion that we’re going to track every Western Union bit of money that’s being sent to Mexico — you know - good luck with that."

Meanwhile, Trump may have other worries. Security blogger Brian Krebs reports that the Trump Hotel Collection may have suffered from a second credit card data breach.

After sources in the financial sector told Krebs that fraud patterns suggested that hackers had breached credit card systems at Trump hotels, the organisation confirmed that it is carrying out a "thorough investigation".

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