Chase unveils first EBPP customers

Chase unveils first EBPP customers

Rochester Gas & Electric and Sunoco are the first corporate users of Chase Manhattan's electronic bill payment and presentment (EBPP) service for receiving and paying bills over the Internet.

Burt Stokes, senior vice president and CFO of RG&E, comments: "For our customers, the ability to receive and pay their bills electronically offers both convenience, by removing the need for a cheque and stamp, and surety of payment. For RG&E, e-billing reduces postage costs and streamlines our internal billing processes."

The Chase e>Stream EBPP service is designed to simplify the electronic billing process by providing a single point of contact for delivering bills and receiving payments over the Internet. For treasury and cash management customers, the bank offers to link the bill presentment platform into a company's legacy back office systems, for improved financial efficiency and reporting.

Chase is developing the capability to deliver bills through emerging push technologies, such as secure e-mail, personal computing devices and pagers, says EBPP executive Richard Erario. He says Chase will sponsor RG&E and Sunoco into the Spectrum presentment and payment network, founded by Chase, First Union and Wells Fargo.

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