Isbank to roll out new generation bluetooth cash machines

Isbank to roll out new generation bluetooth cash machines

Turkey's Isbank is contemplating replacing its ATM fleet with a new generation of keyless and cardless machines that use QR codes or bluetooth beacons to recognise consumer smartphones and dispense cash.

Isbank has been working with local supplier DG Works for two years to develop the new generation of İşCepMatiks devices.

To use the machines, customers need to login to the İşCep app on their smartphones, enable bluetooth and click the withdrawal option. The user is then prompted to select the relevant account, enter the amount of money they need, and bring their smartphones closer to the beacon field on the machines. Isbank says the machine exchanges information with the bank's systems and dispenses the cash within one-tenth of a second.

The bank, which was the first in Turkey to introduce ATMs in 1982, now has over 6500 Bankamatik machines installed nationwide.

Isbank will start rolling out the new machines gradually over the next two years with the aim of testing performance in the field and evaluating customer feedback.

Hakan Aran, deputy chief executive of İşbank, says: "In line with our customers’ interest on our İşCepMatiks, we consider replacing our ATMs with İşCepMatik devices as of 2018 according to lifetime of ATMs."

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