Fintech qualification programme launches

Fintech qualification programme launches

A new certification programme claims to be the first global qualification exclusively for technologists working within financial institutions.

The Certificate in Finance and Technology (CFT) is attempting to bridge a perceived gap between the financial and technology sectors as evidenced by recent news that, according to a survey by Accenture, only six per cent of the directors on the boards of the biggest banks have any senior technology experience.

The course founders believe that the training will give the banks' technologists a better understanding of the business they operate in while giving their non-tech colleagues a better grounding in software and IT. "Building the financial business understanding of technologists will both de-risk existing business-critical and costly technology projects, as well as opening up opportunities for more meaningful future innovation,” says CFT co-founder Rob Woods.

The course covers a number of modules including cryptocurrencies, software engineering and derivatives and will feature exams every six months in 11 exam centres around the globe including London, New York and Delhi.

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I didn't know that the site had lowered to essentially publishing press releases