T&Cs error sees AIB demand datahack participants hand over IP

T&Cs error sees AIB demand datahack participants hand over IP

AIB's efforts to reach out to young techies took a blow after the Irish bank mangled the terms and conditions for an upcoming 'DataHack' event, requiring participants to relinquish intellectual property rights for their work.

The event, which is made up of datathon and hackathon programmes, takes place in Dublin on 7 November, offering third-level students the opportunity to prepare a dataset or build an app for the chance to win cash prizes.

But on the event's website, the terms and conditions initially stated that participants assign "all intellectual property rights in the entry to AIB and forever waives and relinquishes all rights including moral rights now or hereafter recognised in connection with the entry".

The dubious demands were picked up on by angry tweeters who called out the bank:

AIB quickly came out to insist that the situation was more cock up than conspiracy, updating the T&Cs and claiming that the original copy was drafted for an internal trial datahack and not meant for the public event, adding: "We would be encouraging competitors to make their code available on open source as we value collaboration within this community."

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