Trademark applications stoke LG mobile payments rumours

Trademark applications stoke LG mobile payments rumours

Rumours are swirling that LG is preparing to take on Apple, Google and Samsung in the mobile payments arena after it emerged that the South Korean electronics giant has filed trademarks for 'GPay'.

Last month the firm filed a trademark application for 'GPay' with the US Trademark and Patent Office. According to ETNews similar applications, for 'LG G Pay' and 'G Pay' have been filed in South Korea.

ETNews says that the firm has been busy talking to banks in its home country since the beginning of the year about a possible service, which would be NFC-based.

The company is understood to have been keeping a close eye on the launches of Apple Pay, Android Pay and its great rival's Samsung Pay, as it prepares to enter a crowded but potentially lucrative field.

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