Mondo releases secret API; runs hackathon

Mondo releases secret API; runs hackathon

Digital banking startup Mondo is calling on third-party developers to participate in a two-day hackathon in London as it unveils an early iteration of its Application Programming Interface (API).

Mondo is one of a clutch of tech-savvy banking startups looking to disrupt the market for financial services in the UK. The neo-bank - established by a team who flew the nest at fledgeling challenger Starling - is building its software from scratch, developing a prototype mobile app and linked card to simplify account management and budgeting in real-time.

The smartphone bank is now looking to tap into the creative expertise of outside developers with the release of its first API, designed to be a predictable and intuitive interface for interacting with users’ accounts.

Available in beta as either a Rest API or via web hook, users can list transactions, create pretty feed items that are visible in the app's main view, and receive web hooks when a transaction is made.

The event page says the hackathon is intended for "anyone who ever wished their bank had an API. We’re excited to see what you’ll build with it, from realtime dashboards, to intelligent apps, to physical internet-connected devices like our 3D printed fuel gauge for your bank account".

The hackathon kicks off at 10am on Saturday 19 September, with final presentations the following day at 4pm. Each team will have access to a fully functional prototype Mondo card, a prototype iOS application and client ID for accessing the API.

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