FC Barcelona's Camp Nou to host Sungard's annual Global Coder Cup

FC Barcelona's Camp Nou to host Sungard's annual Global Coder Cup

SunGard is to take over Barcelona's iconic Camp Nou football stadium to host the championship round of its third annual Global Coder Cup, in which eleven teams from five countries will compete to develop innovative new financial service apps.

At the event the finalists will be given 48 hours to design and implement a product that utilises big data tools, and analytics, to create innovative technologies for client-facing financial systems.

The 11 finalists were selected from a preliminary group of 68 teams, comprising over 300 SunGard technologists and engineers, which participated in regional elimination events in June.

Steve Silberstein, SunGard’s chief technology officer, says: “The leaders of the financial services industry are challenged to grow revenue while reducing operational costs and managing the ever-changing regulatory environment. This year’s Coder Cup is about harnessing the power of data for the adaptive enterprise. Bigger, faster data alone is no longer enough for companies. Today, the focus needs to be on smarter data; the streamlining of the collection and aggregation of the data to enhance business operations in a more customized manner."

A judging panel comprised of Silberstein and industry experts from sponsor Intel and BBVA CIB will decide the winning application.

Last year's winners, Foo Tomatons from Birmingham, Alabama, created an advanced financial compliance and regulation application that uses artificial intelligence to predict and potentially prevent fraud. The inaugural event also saw a team from Alabama walk away with the top prize after developing a corporate action risk app which ranked events according to their risk profile.

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