Visa crowdsources ideas for tourist app

Visa crowdsources ideas for tourist app

Visa is harnessing the power of crowdsourcing for an app that helps tourists find destinations that are off the beaten track.

The NotATourist campaign is being run in Africa and the Middle East this summer, giving cardholders information to help plan their travel as well as access to Visa’s global merchant offers and promotions.

The card giant says that travellers who visit its dedicated NotATourist website and download the Visa Explore app will get access to knowledge that will help them explore their destinations as locals, as well as let them share their own images, videos, posts and comments.

Karim Beg, head, marketing, Visa Middle East and North and West, Central Africa, says: "Travellers often desire a taste of local culture and attractions that are hard to find in travel books or with a guided tour. The #NotATourist campaign tries to build on this desire, by connecting people and their experiences through unleashing the imagination of the traveller to interact with the beauty of the destination."

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