JPMorgan staffer gets six years jail time for ID theft scam

JPMorgan staffer gets six years jail time for ID theft scam

A JPMorgan teller who was part of an ID theft ring that stole $850,000 from bank customers has been sentenced to six years in prison.

The ring operated between July 2010 and June 2014. Corrupt bank tellers, including Figueroa, fraudulently accessed and stole personal information, including account numbers and Social Security numbers, from hundreds of customers at Bank of America, JP Morgan Chase, TD Bank and Wachovia (now Wells Fargo) in Westchester County and New York City.

Figueroa’s role in the fraud scheme was to use her position as a bank teller at the JP Morgan Chase bank branch located at 235 Main Street, White Plains, Westchester County, to target customers with common names and over $50,000 in their accounts.

She would copy this customer data and smuggle it out to her co-conspirators who used it to create fraudulent checks and identification documents. These fake documents were then used to impersonate account holders and to withdraw money at bank branches in Westchester County, New York City and Long Island, as well as Connecticut and Massachusetts.

Figueroa pleaded guilty earlier this year. The scheme’s ringleader, Tyrone “Reece” Lee, as well as defendant Anthony “Sug” Davis have also pleaded guilty and been sentenced to state prison for their roles in the scam.

“After abusing her position as a teller and taking advantage of the trust of bank customers, Nadia Figueroa will now serve serious prison time,” says NY Attorney General Eric Schneiderman. “While businesses and consumers must remain on guard against identity theft, New Yorkers should know that my office is looking out for them and will take action against anyone who steals their personal information.”

Earlier this month the FBI arrested a former JPMorgan Chase worker on unrelated charges that he stole customer account information and sold it to an undercover informant.

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