Worldline to process ING Belgium’s SDDs on MyBank eMandate solution

Worldline to process ING Belgium’s SDDs on MyBank eMandate solution

ING Belgium is collaborating with payments processor, Worldline, to implement the eMandates function from MyBank, in order to process SEPA Direct Debits (SDDs).

The cooperation deal, announced today at the EBAday 2015 payments conference in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, will allow ING Belgium to offer the MyBank electronic eMandate solution on Worldline’s back end to its consumer, government and business clients. The e-authorisation and electronic commerce and payment portal is run by EBA Clearing.

The MyBank eMandate solution is based on the online banking services that debtor banks offer. The debtor uses their already known online banking service to be identified by the portal and to authorise the SDD, avoiding the inconvenience of a paper-based process. Bank customers will henceforth be able to give online authorisation in a secure manner.

The automated eMandates solution covers the issuing, amendment and cancellation of eMandates in a simple way as it means there is no need to deal with several layers of procedure. For the creditor, eMandates can simplify the storage and retrieval of payment data. 

“After the successful migration to the single euro payment area (SEPA) we were looking for new services to improve the customer experience on the usage of the SEPA payment facilities,” said Begoña Blanco Sanchez of ING Belgium, when discussing the rationale behind the deal. 

“The usage of Direct Debits requires a duly signed mandate,” he continued. “In order to facilitate this process in a digital world, we are convinced that the MyBank solution will simplify the process for the selling party as well as for the buying party. The solution is built for cross-border reach, which makes the service ‘future proof’ and helps us empower people to stay a step ahead in life and in business.” 

Wolf Kunisch, managing director for financial processing & licensing at Worldline, who incidentally will be giving a speech at 11.30am this morning at EBAday 2015 on ‘the digital revolution’, commented that he was pleased to further expand the processor’s long-term partnership with ING, adding: “As a payment service provider, Worldline, was strongly involved in the SEPA migration with more than 450 million SEPA transactions processed in 2014”, and that the firm, “is always striving to offer new payment services to support the strategic orientation of partners.” 


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