Bank of England stages data visualisation contest

Bank of England stages data visualisation contest

The Bank of England is staging a competition to uncover insightful ways of representing and interpreting newly-released data sets.

The new data sets include figures from the Bank's historical balance sheet, three centuries of macroeconomic data, inflation attitudes survey stats, company visit scores, and QE-related and household survey data.

The release of the data is part of the central bank's 'One Bank Research Agenda' - a wide-ranging framework to transform the way research is done at the Bank.

"We want to see what others can do with these data sets, to show something novel or insightful," says the Bank. "The visualisation could for example be a static description of an interesting pattern or relationship in the data or the creation of an interactive app."

The closing date for entries is 1 May 2015, with presentations being made before an expert panel on Threadneedle Street on 4 June.

The winning entry will receive £5000.

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