Hackers demand ransom for stolen bank customer emails

Hackers demand ransom for stolen bank customer emails

A hacker collective is threatening to publish more than 30,000 customer emails stolen from Banque Cantonale de Geneve (BCGE) unless the Swiss bank hands over EUR10,000 today.

In a statement linked to from its Twitter account, Rex Mundi says that it hacked into the bank's servers last week and downloaded 30,192 emails from customers, providing the text of two.

Say the hackers: "We would like to mention that, as always, we did contact BCGE a few days ago and offered them not to post their data in exchange for a very reasonable amount of money. Since they declined our initial offer, we have therefore decided to post this initial leak."

The full set of emails will be published at 6:00pm CET if the bank does not pay EUR10,000, says the statement.

BCGE has confirmed the attack and says that it is contacting affected customers but that it will not capitulate to blackmail, to which Rex Mundi replied:


With the deadline passed, the Rex Mundi Twitter account has linked to a page where it says that the stolen emails can be downloaded. The group is also promising to post the data on its website tomorrow.

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