Symantec called in to verify .bank domain applicants

Symantec called in to verify .bank domain applicants

Symantec has been chosen by fTLD Registry Services to verify firms looking to get their hands on the new .bank and .insurance generic top-level domains.

Run by the American Bankers Association, Financial Services Roundtable and others, fTLD Registry Services was given the task of operating the two domains by Icann in large part to allay security concerns raised by the likes of the European Banking Authority.

Following a public request for proposals, Symantec has been selected to provide verification services, ensuring the eligibility of companies requesting domain names, making sure the person making the request is authorised by the company and that the name complies with fTLD’s policies.

Craig Schwartz, MD, fTLD, says: "The cornerstone of consumer trust in '.bank' and '.insurance' is ensuring that only verified members of the banking and insurance communities are permitted to register domain names. Symantec is the market leader in verifying the authenticity of organisations and we are confident in their ability to uphold our strict standards."

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