PayPal launches Pebble smartwatch app

PayPal launches Pebble smartwatch app

PayPal has built an app for the Pebble smartwatch that lets users check in and pay at retailers on the go.

The app lets Pebble wearers find stores and restaurants, check in, order what they want and then pay before they even arrive. The app also sends out payment notifications.

PayPal has taken an enthusiastic approach to wearables and already has apps for Android Wear devices and the Samsung Gear range. The firm's Joel Yarbrough says "we’re making it really easy for you to pay at local stores right from your smart watches. Instead of pulling out a wallet, you pay right from your wrist."

Pebble is the scrappy upstart that began life as a hugely successful Kickstarter campaign and is now taking on giants such as Samsung, Sony and, soon, Apple in the smartwatch field.

The Apple Watch will offer payments through a double-click of a button and a flip of the wrist near contactless readers, although users will have to enter a code each time they strap it on in order to activate the functionality.

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