Facebook Messenger screenshots hint at P2P payments

Facebook Messenger screenshots hint at P2P payments

Facebook has built a feature that could soon let friends send money to each other through Messenger, screenshots posted by a Stanford University student suggest.

Speculation has been rife that Facebook would seek to monitise its Messenger app - which is used by 200 million people a month - through payments ever since former PayPal president David Marcus was poached to run the business during the summer.

Using iOS app exploration developer tool Cycript, Stanford computer science student Andrew Aude has now discovered what looks to be a P2P payments feature within the app.

Screenshots suggest that users will be able to add a debit card to Messenger and send money in the same way they send photos, pressing a button to begin the process, adding the amount and hitting send.

Aude told TechCrunch that the feature only appears to work with debit cards and that there is no PayPal option. It also only allows one person to send money to one person but a note in the code says: "Multiple payment attachments will be supported in the future."

The move sees Facebook tap the massive popularity of the Messenger app to take on the likes of PayPal, Venmo and Square Cash in the P2P market. It could also help the social network build up a base of users with card details on file for its new "buy" button.

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