Apple stores get new mPOS tech for chip and PIN move

Apple stores get new mPOS tech for chip and PIN move

Apple is revamping its in-store mPOS system with a new iPhone and VeriFone-made shell combination that can accept chip and PIN card payments.

Apple introduced its EasyPay mPOS technology in stores in 2009. It consists of an iPod Touch and a shell made by Infinite Peripherals that includes a card swiper and a barcode scanner.

As first reported by 9to5mac, the iPod is now being replaced by an iPhone while VeriFone is being brought in to provide a new shell which will cater for chip and PIN payments as the US finally gets ready for the switch to EMV.

According to Forbes, the shell also has a spot above the PIN pad that opens the way for NFC contactless payments. Apple has long been expected to equip the iPhone with NFC but has so far ignored the technology.

Separately, mPOS giant Square has ditched its Wallet app, pulling it from the Google and Apple stores. The app has failed to take off since its launch in 2011, despite the support of Starbucks.

It has been replaced by Square Orders, which lets users order and pay ahead at participating merchants and then pick up their goods when they are ready.

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