Lack of awareness stalling m-banking take-up

Lack of awareness stalling m-banking take-up

A lack of customer awareness could be hindering uptake of mobile banking services around the world, a new survey from BuzzCity suggests.

Of 6000 people quizzed across 20 countries by the mobile advertising network, 26% do not know whether their bank offers mobile services and 29% think that they do not.

Yet BuzzCity says that this betrays an ignorance among respondents and that the vast majority - 90% - of major banks it has examined offer some form of mobile service, whether SMS-, Web- or app-based.

There is similar confusion when it comes to handsets, with 31% of respondents convinced that they cannot carry out banking on their phones and 27% unsure despite the fact that some form of banking can take place on any device.

People who do know about and use mobile banking tend to like it, with 31% of respondents saying that they find it easy to use and useful - up five per cent on last year.

There is, however, apathy amongst potential users, with a third of those surveyed simply not feeling that they "need" mobile banking.

Last year 34% of respondents said that security fears prevented them from using mobile banking but concerns seems to be subsiding, with just 19% saying the same this year.

"Anxieties will persist, but this apparent indifference among users many may yet be the biggest hurdle to overcome" for adoption, says BuzzCity's KF Lai.

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