Visa approves smart payment card from SchlumbergerSema

Visa approves smart payment card from SchlumbergerSema

Credit expert Visa International has given level 3 approval to Palmera Protect, a Java-based smart payment card from IT services company SchlumbergerSema. Level 3 approval means that the card is considered to have high levels of transaction security and flexibility in deploying services to multiple channels.

Palmera Protect complies with OP 2.0.1 specifications. These support multi-applications based on core financial applications such as Visa Smart Debit Credit and VisaCash.

The card has RSA public key cryptographic features. It can be integrated within a full public key infrastructure (PKI) as part of an e-commerce or m-banking service, for example.

James Lee, senior vice president, emerging technologies, Visa International, says: "To gain level 3 approval, cards have to undergo rigorous testing. We are delighted that this card product has passed all tests and can now offer a versatile, secure platform to support new payment channels and innovative services."

Schlumberger says the card is the cornerstone of a multi-application, smart card migration and upgrade solution. The solution includes a software development kit, applications, ready-to-use applets, tailored training program, technical support and project management, consulting and integration services.

Palmera Protect conforms to the Java Card 2.1.1 and Visa Open Platform 2.0.1 specifications.

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