Samsung and PayPal team to let Galaxy S5 owners pay by fingerprint

Samsung and PayPal team to let Galaxy S5 owners pay by fingerprint

Owners of the new Samsung Galaxy S5 will be able to use the handset's fingerprint authentication system to make payments at online and in-store merchants that accept PayPal.

Eliminating the need for passwords, the new feature - available from April in 26 countries - will let Galaxy S5 users login and shop at any merchant that accepts PayPal on mobile and in-stores with only their fingerprint.

Hill Ferguson, chief product officer, PayPal, says: "By working with Samsung to leverage fingerprint authentication technology on their new Galaxy S5, we are able to demonstrate that consumers don't need to face a tradeoff between security and convenience."

PayPal says that customers can use their finger to pay because the Fido-ready software on the device securely communicates between the fingerprint sensor on their phone and its service in the cloud. The only information the device shares with PayPal is a unique encrypted key that for identifying the customer without having to store any biometric information on the eBay unit's servers.

The Fido (Fast IDentity Online) Alliance is a collection of major firms - including PayPal, Google and MasterCard - which bidding to replace password-based authentication with an industry-supported open protocol tied to the actual device used to access services.

PayPal also unveiled plans this week for a Samsung Gear 2 smartwatch app which will enable owners to check-in to pay at local stores, save and redeem offers, send money to a friend instantly, and receive payment notifications while on the go.

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