Russian commuters get squat and ride payment option

Russian commuters get squat and ride payment option

In a marketing gimmick ahead of the Winter Olympic Games in Sochi, commuters on Moscow's subway can now pay for their journeys using a new currency - squats.

A special ticket machine has been installed at a Moscow station which spits out a ticket for passengers prepared to give it 30 squats, instead of the normal 30 rubles.

With the Winter Games just four months away, the machine is deigned to promote an 'Olympics Change' campaign, encouraging ordinary Russians to take up exercise. The Olympic Change site, bearing the logo of Games sponsor Visa, is inviting people to submit their ideas on how Russians can get fit in public places.

Despite the charm offensive, Visa could be in for a rocky ride over its sponsorship of the Games, which have been mired in controversy since Russia's introduction of anti-gay laws in June. Various groups have promised to apply pressure to sponsors, urging them to speak out against the "propaganda law".

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