Paying with the bulls: Capital One simplifies m-banking log-in

Paying with the bulls: Capital One simplifies m-banking log-in

Capital One claims that its new mobile banking app log-in process is so easy to use that you can do it while being chased by a herd of one-ton bulls.

The firm has ditched alpha numeric passwords in favour of a system dubbed SureSwipe, which lets customers swipe a pattern across their phone screen to sign in to its iPhone app. Android will follow next year.

To promote the feature Capital One enlisted self-styled daredevil adventurer Jonathan Watson for a video in which he signs into his account and pays some bills - all while participating in the Great Bull Run in Atlanta.

The bank appears to be more sanguine about roping in a man to risk life and limb in the name of advertising than it does about mild profanity.

Last month it aired an ad featuring Samuel L Jackson in which the Pulp Fiction star and notorious swearer informs viewers that a Capital One card gives you cashback "every damn day".

The language proved too scandalous for some viewers and, as American Banker picked up, drew the ire of conservative pressure group One Million Moms, which called the commercial "extremely destructive and damaging to impressionable children".

Capital One soon tweaked the language, with Jackson opining that the card gives cashback "every single day", although the move was apparently always planned and not a response to the backlash.

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