Fidelity tests Google Glass markets app

Fidelity tests Google Glass markets app

US financial services giant Fidelity Investments has begun experimenting with Google Glass, developing an app that lets users keep an eye on the markets.

The firm's R&D arm, Fidelity Labs is taking part in Google's developer programme giving it early access to Glass, the wearable, hands-free computer.

The lab has already built what it claims is the first piece of investing Glassware, enabling wearers to see quotes from major US stock indexes at market close.

Fidelity is encouraging people with early access to Glass to test the app and provide feedback as it bids to build up the technology's capabilities.

A concept video provides a hint of what Fidelity is ultimately aiming for, with the wearer able to log into their account using voice commands, scroll through financial news articles, watch related TV news, and get stock quotes just by scanning a company logo.

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