MeesPierson opens private Internet bank

MeesPierson opens private Internet bank

MeesPierson, the Dutch-based private bank, is to offer Internet banking to its high net worth customers. The new service was developed by MeesPierson in conjunction with Web consultancy Razorfish and incorporates nine months of extensive research.

The site is intended to address the evolving on-line demands of existing MeesPierson clients as well as to attract new ones. Visitors to the site may conduct their own personal portfolio investment strategy and then request a link to a MeesPierson representative for one-to-one advice.

"We have found an attractive combination, whereby the generations of both the new economy and the old feel at home," believes Arie Van Baarle, creative director for Razorfish, Amsterdam. "The design is contemporary, however we could not make the atmosphere too young - we wanted to ensure that their current clients would be able to identify with the site as well."

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