PKO Bank Polski launches online account for kids

PKO Bank Polski launches online account for kids

PKO Bank Polski has unveiled an online bank account for young children, where they can receive pocket money, set savings goals and top up their mobile phones.

The free account, aimed at kids under the age of 13, offers a 4.5% annual interest rate on funds up to PLN2500. Parents' sign their children up and then link to their own PKO account, giving them complete oversight.

Account holders can personalise their page with a range of wallpapers, photos and sounds; set up money boxes for specific savings goals; and transfer funds and top up their mobile phones, with parental authorisation.

The account also pushes financial education tools: kids can win badges for hitting achievements relating to things such as saving and planning; parents can set challenges - offering a rewards for completing tasks such as room tidying; and calculators and savings plans to help manage funds.

Macierzyński, director, innovation bureau, PKO, says: "There are 5 million children below the age of 13 in Poland. These are the youngest of the generation for whom interacting with modern solutions and devices is quite natural.

"PKO Junior explores that potential as it enables the children and their parents to explore the meaning of enterprise, systematic saving and responsibility, and to master some rudimentary concepts and skills of budget management, an essential part of adulthood."

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