Standard Treasury bids to ease commercial banking pain

Standard Treasury bids to ease commercial banking pain

A US start-up called Standard Treasury has developed a series of APIs designed to ease access to commercial banking services for small businesses.

The firm's founders, Daniel Kimerling and Zac Townsend, say that small businesses often have a frustrating time dealing with their banks and that this is in part down to technology.

Kimerling told TechCrunch: "The existing model for bank-enterprise relationships hasn't changed since the 1970s. Banking is really painful. We have customers that ask - why can't banking be like Stripe or Braintree?"

To make the process less painful, Standard Treasury is working with banks to build RESTful APIs and webhooks so that firms can programmatically access services such as ACH acceptance, and remittance, foreign exchange quoting and execution, and account creation and deletion.

According to TechCrunch, the YCE-backed start-up is already piloting APIs with one of America's biggest banks and is also working with several smaller players.

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