Investor relations site tackles social media and mobile

Investor relations site tackles social media and mobile

An investor relations site that aims to tackle the regulatory risks and workflow hassles accompanying the emergence of mobile and social media channels has been launched by PR Newswire.

IR Room MST promises to allow public companies to use social media as well as offer their mobile stakeholders a dedicated app without burdening the investor relations department with more work.

Clients can get their newsflow directly into the StockTwits financial network and also distribute information into the likes of Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.

Meanwhile, an iOS and Android mobile app, dubbed theIRapp, lets firms push information to their investors, allowing for the download of all content for offline viewing and listening.

IR Room MST also includes communication technologies that let investor relations departments measure the effectiveness of their outbound communications as well as foster relationships with shareholders.

Bradley Smith, director, marketing, investor relations and compliance services, PR Newswire, says: "By now, we've all heard a lot about social media and IR, but most of this industry chatter is too vague and too intangible to be helpful to IRO.

"What was missing from the conversation was a clear, tactile product solution that simplifies an IR department's initiation into social and mobile without adding unneeded work or the unwarranted stress of material disclosure."

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