Numbrs raises EUR6.1m for mobile app connecting bank accounts

Numbrs raises EUR6.1m for mobile app connecting bank accounts

Numbrs, a Swiss start-up developing a mobile money app that lets users access all their bank accounts in one place, has secured a EUR6.1 million investment from Net firm incubator Centralway.

Numbrs says its app supports all major banks - more than 3500 - enabling customers to transfer money to contacts without having to enter account details and receive notification for things such as salary payments and credit card bills.

In addition, the app analyses spending behaviour and transactions to calculate future income and expenses while also automatically categorising types of transactions.

Following a tie-up with local banks, the start-up is set to launch for trial users in Germany later this week. The new funding will then be used to launch in Switzerland and the UK, with a London office set to open in September. Singapore and Hong Kong are next in line.

Julien Arnold, founder and CEO, Numbrs, says: "The upcoming launch in Germany will be the breakthrough of a new kind of smart banking. Never before has it been so easy to manage personal finances across the world. Whether I want to know if I can afford a new car or need to make a transfer quickly while I'm on the go, Numbrs makes it all possible."

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