Online ad promises cybercrooks real-world foot soldiers

Online ad promises cybercrooks real-world foot soldiers

Visitors to Russian-language cybercrime forums are being offered the chance to hire foot soldiers throughout the US who will help them scam Americans out of their cash.

In a development picked up by security blogger Brian Krebs, adverts have popped up on forums offering a service providing criminal accomplices in California, Florida, Illinois and New York.

The advertiser promises that its people in the US will help customers cash out from hacked bank accounts by carrying out wire transfers. Users are provided with a login to a remote panel where they can interact and monitor the progress of their theft.

The mules will also empty bank accounts using counterfeit cards obtained through ATM skimmers and hacked POS devices.

For their troubles, the crooks behind the ad say that they will take a cut of 40% to 45% of any stolen money - which, they boast, regularly comes to between $30,000 and $100,000 per day.

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