Allianz invites start-up pitches for innovation pilots

Allianz invites start-up pitches for innovation pilots

German banacasurer Allianz is inviting early stage start-up companies to pitch applications for pilot projects in big data, social media, mobile and sponsorship.

Allianz says it is looking for innovation partners to run proof-of-concept pilots with the possibility of eventual licensing, development and commercialisation on a large scale.

The German financial services outfit is accepting proposals from early stage companies or individuals with a "demonstrable technical solution". The proposed applications must be at least in beta, and participants must sign an exclusivity deal during the pilot stage.

The rolling project is being run by Allianz' Digital Labs team, who will select and pitch winning applications to the relevant marketing departments. Allianz says financing of up to EUR10,000 may be made available to take successful pitches to pilot.

Beyond that, says Allianx "we offer opportunities for broader commercialisation pending successful pilots, to be evaluated according to clear KPIs agreed together at kick-off."

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