Bank Austria intranet implements Hyperwave knowledge management

Bank Austria intranet implements Hyperwave knowledge management

Bank Austria Creditanstalt Group has deployed an intranet solution using Germany-based Hyperwave's knowledge management software to enable its more than 12,000 staff and 600 branches to access information anywhere in the organisation.

The Hyperwave information server has eliminated the need for couriers and faxed memos and has transformed the way in which information is relayed between teams and employees says the bank.

"Our employees now have optimal access to permanently up-to-date information and our bank is now benefiting from considerable cost savings by using the knowledge management solution," says Gerhard Edl, head of information and communications systems in the Bank Austria Group.

Currently the intranet is divided into five main categories: news, product information, processing, data & facts and service. In total, 12,400 users will be able to access 130,000 static HTML documents, image, graphics and PDF files on a cross-location basis. Access to 1850 comprehensive product descriptions with relevant information and all in-bank processes and system documentation will also be possible.

Hyperwave's solution automatically manages and structures content as it is added. Dynamic hyperlinks ensure that information is constantly updated as documents are added, amended or removed, providing users with connected and continuously updated information. Information can be actively linked across categories and links can be easily identified by all users, allowing information to be used efficiently.

Terry Jordan, VP worldwide marketing at Hyperwave, says: "With the implementation of the new Hyperwave intranet, we believe we have moved Bank Austria's working environment one step closer to the paperless office ideal."

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