Missoula Federal Credit Union pilots Diebold video ATMs

Missoula Federal Credit Union pilots Diebold video ATMs

Missoula Federal Credit Union has begun piloting Diebold's video ATM technology, enabling customers to talk to call centre staff through a screen.

The Diebold Concierge Video Services can be implemented directly into any of the vendor's Opteva ATMs, with no need for major hardware upgrades.

Diebold provides member identification and video services while Co-op Financial Services is responsible for terminal driving capability and network access for Missoula Federal Credit Union.

The firm says its technology lets financial institutions improve customer service and expand access to staff, enabling users to contact an employee if they are having trouble with a transaction.

It also boosts marketing - for example, the software can remind a user that a certificate of deposit will mature soon and give them the option to connect to a representative via video to handle the renewal.

Mychal Kempt, VP, North American sales and service operations, Diebold, says: "Real-time video enhances the ATM experience for both consumers and financial institutions. Combined with Diebold's advanced one-to-one marketing software, video enables face-to-face interactions tailored to each consumer."

Diebold rival NCR has won a rash of recent orders for video services at the ATM after making an investment in uGenius, the Utah-based video banking outfit with which it developed its Aptra Interactive Teller, in January.

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