Switzerland's Corner Banca signs for Trintech chargeback system

Switzerland's Corner Banca signs for Trintech chargeback system

Independent Swiss bank Corner Banca is to automate dispute resolution procedures within its card issuing operations with the implementation of Trintech's issuer chargeback system PayWare Resolve.

Corner was the first Swiss bank to introduce Visa cards to the country in 1975.
Stefano Schmid, IT and organisation supervisor for Corner Banca says: "As the level of payment transactions grows rapidly, exponential levels of chargebacks are associated with that growth, making it no longer viable to operate with a paper based system."

He says the introduction of new technology will enable the bank to scale up its card operations and capitalise on new commercial opportunities arising from growth in plastic card payments.

PayWare Resolve has built-in knowledge of national and international chargeback regulations. The chargeback regulations for Visa and MasterCard/Europay have been encoded into the application so that the system can recommend the appropriate action and chargeback reason codes for each case, replacing the need to navigate a series of intricate paper trails and complex and changing regulations.

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